The Broken Trail Bill Dodge/ Producer Dir. Rod Barkley
Vengeance Sheriff Dir. Victor Picena
Madison Max Dir. Kelly Mullis
The Weeper Weeper Dir. Brett Fleisher
What’re the Odds Henry Dir. Alex Zapien
New Neighbor Marvin – “The New Neighbor” Dir. Alex Zapien
Awful Nice The Hardware Guy Dir. Todd Skiler
Anodyne Chief of Police Dir. Chloe Lester
Marina Marc Dir.  Robert Held
Real Life Another Camera Man Dir. Albert Brooks


The Witnessed (Lead) – Exec. Producer – Writer Dir. Tony Handley
The Two Dicks (Lead) – Exec. Producer – Writer Dir. Tony Handley
Turnpike (Lead) – Exec. Producer – Writer Dir. Tony Handley
The Collector – Webseries  (2015) Jesse (Lead)  – Exec. Producer – Writer Dir. Tony Handley
Big City Bluegrass  (2016)  Show Host Dir. Tommi Trudeau
West Hollywood News Revue Featured Misc. Characters Dir. Van Mar
Jerry Lewis Telethon Show Host Handley Productions
(Conflicts Available Upon Request)


Bus Stop Virgil Blessings Paso Players
The Incomparable Max 2nd Lead & 2 other characters Plaza Players Theatre
The Groundlings Basic Improv,Sean Hogan
2nd City Improv On-going/Drop-Ins
Meisner                                                 Anthony Montes
Larry Moss                                                      Scene Study
Margie Haber                                              Audition Technique
Skinny Improv                                             Levels 1 – 2 – 3
Alexander Techinique                                              Kristof Konrad
Speech-Voice                                              Kevin Quin
Self Management for Actors                                            Bonnie Gillespie
Script-Audition-Scene on Camera                                            Charles Carroll
Hollywood Film School                                                 Dov Simens
Commercial on Camera                                            Jan Bina-Jon Smet
Commercial on Camera                                            Buddy Powell
SAG Conservatory                                            Misc. Workshops
We Make Movies                                           Misc. Various

Special Skills:

Southern Good Ole Boy, HORSE WRANGLER – Rodeo skills/horse pack trip guide. Heavy Equipment – Truck driver -(by trade), Motorcycles – dirt & street, Skiing – water & snow, Surfing, Boating – sailing & motor, Fishing& Hunting – all types, Weapons – all types, Marksman with rifle & pistol.